Saturday, March 20, 2004

Zeezrom & the Kori-Whores 

by Aaron B
I know I’ll probably be disinvited to blog here shortly, given my propensity for beating this dead horse, but I want to advocate a change of blog name. More specifically, I want to cast my vote for “Zeezrom & Friends,” “Zeezrom & Co.,” or, best of all, the delicious little title that heads this post.

My sense is that Steve and Kaimi believe that any “Zeezrom” derivative would be “too limiting.” In other words, “Zeezrom” suggests a narrow legal focus for the blog that will prove inaccurate, given that “liberal Mormonness,” whatever that may prove to mean, will encompass a much broader range of issues and concerns.

I think this concern is misplaced. If anything, “Zeezrom” could signal to a potential reader nothing more than that the bloggers who dwell here are lawyers. (And with the exception of Kristine, I believe we ARE all lawyers). Further, it signals that the bloggers in question are Mormon, and that writings controversial or “against the grain” are likely to be found here (and from the perspective of your typical conservative LDS member, that’s probably true). In short, I think the blog name would succinctly and cleverly capture several aspects of this blog’s personality and focus simultaneously.

But there are other reasons for my suggestion… Imagine the following scenario:

Molly Mormon has somehow discovered T&S. She likes what she sees, and scrolls down the right side of the screen one day to see the “Mormon Blogosphere” links.

“Golly, this looks fun!” she exclaims. “I think I’ll go exploring. But look how many there are! I couldn’t possibly visit all these sites! I only have time to visit a couple. Which ones should I choose?”

10 bucks says Molly doesn’t choose “By Common Consent.” It’s just not catchy enough. But just imagine if “Zeezrom & the Kori-Whors” is among her options. There’s no way she’s going to miss that one! (The fact that it starts with a “Z” and so appears dead last in the list is also helpful).

“Oh my heck!” she says to herself. “Zeezrom? Isn’t he an apostate character in the Book of Mormon? Is T&S linking to anti-Mormon websites? Could it be true? The suspense is killing me! I MUST find out for myself!”

And right then and there, my dear fellow bloggers, you’ve enticed another visitor to the site! Good marketing. Fame and fortune will rain down upon us all that much more quickly!

Finally, I must note that “Zeezrom & the Kori-Whors” has a very nifty 80’s rockband sound to it. Think “Josie & the Pussycats” or “Joan Jett & the Blackhearts” or “Katrina & the Waves.” Wouldn’t that just be rad? If this blogging stint doesn’t work out, we could start a band and tour the Stake Dance circuit. Cool!

But in all seriousness, the only potential negatives I see are these:

(1) Although I like it, “Zeezrom & the Kori-Whors” may be too campy/obnoxious to fit some bloggers’ personalities. It may also be inordinately silly for a blog that will probably be dedicated to many non-silly discussions. However, any other “Zeezrom” title I mentioned would tone this down sufficiently, I think.

(2) Many LDS people don’t have sophisticated senses of humor… i.e. they may not get the joke. Obviously, we don’t see ourselves as real, modern day Zeezroms, but others might take it too literally. Those inclined to dismiss Mormon liberals as apostate, heathen or backsliding may see the blog name as proof of the charges. (To HECK with them, I say).

In any event, these are my thoughts. I invite yours. (But I will tolerate neither dissent nor stupidity.) :)

Aaron B

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