Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Inspiration in Hollywood? I'm aghast! 

by Karen
One year in law school I went home to Utah for spring break. Over the weekend I saw three movies. The Testaments at Temple Square, God's Army in the theater and The Mission on video. How did they stack up?

I've never been able to stomach a second viewing of The Testaments--that movie sets my teeth on edge. I'm always really uncomfortable with fictionalizing the scriptures, but doing it with cartoonish villains who are crushed by walls and that annoying monkey that refused to die was just sad and embarrassing. I know that I should have focused on the scenes with the Savior, but the feeling that I was watching live action Disney was phenomenally distracting. Final word? ugghh

God's Army was a good flick--started an interesting cultural phenomenon--but it's quality was somewhat tempered by the awful cheesy ending. I have it on video but hardly ever actually watch it. Over all? ehhh.

The Mission is now one of my favorite movies. I think that the story it tells about the power of unconditional love and the possibility for redemption is amazing, touching, and wonderfully executed. Not to mention the questions it raises about the morality of resistance. The performances are superb, and the visuals are exceptional. My verdict? Incredibly inspiring film.

So let's ignore, for a moment if possible, most of the insipid garbage that comes out of Hollywood. I'd like to know which *mainstream* movies you find inspiring and why.
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