Thursday, May 06, 2004

Oh, The Fabulous Irony 

by Karen
Have you all been following this story in the SL Trib?


Apparently Warren Jeffs, prophet of the FLDS church has purchased a large ranch in West Texas, hoping to create an isolated compound for him and his closest followers. It's scaring the stuffing out of the local Texas residents, a situation not helped by the fact that the FLDS buyer lied about the purpose of the purchase to the previous owner. Now the FLDS hierarchy is trying to do damage control with the local residents and authorities.

And here is the titular fabulous irony: According to the caption in the picture accompanying the article, apparently the Steed family is among the upper echelons of FLDS culture. Now, although I'm sure you're all too sophisticated to be familiar with a certain blockbuster Mormon fiction publication--perhaps the name "Work and the Glory" rings a bell? For the uninitiated, the series follows the fictional, and amazingly righteous yet syrupy, Steed family through the restoration to the trek West in 1847. The story ends there.

Or does it? Perhaps the intrepid author needs to write a follow up, a sequel detailing the fall of the Steeds and their affiliation with apostate polygamous groups. Here, I'll get him started. "Able to weather the scandal of the fall of the Kirtland Safety Society, but unable to accept the manifesto....."
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