Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sophistication on the Cheap 

by Aaron B
You’re sitting in Gospel Doctrine class, and Brother So-and-So is going off on one of his weekly, mindless rants. As usual, his comments are sanctimonious, self-important and theologically intolerable. He must be destroyed! But alas, you can’t afford to respond with too much venom, lest your outburst be interpreted as over-sensitivity or as an awkward airing of your personal “issues.” That just won’t do. Better to offer a non-chalant, off-the-cuff rebuttal that seems polite and effortless, but that serves as a rhetorical bullet to the head.

To aid you in your efforts, it helps to have at your disposal an extensive repertoire of Mormon Intellectual Buzzwords (“MIBs”). Employment of one or more of these terms will shatter your opponent’s point because -- if for no other reason -- no one will have the slightest idea what you’re saying! But your indecipherable comments will ring with erudition, and that’s all that really matters! So on to my question…

Maybe I’ve left out some other choice contenders?

Aaron B

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