Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Shameless Plug  

by John H
The annual Salt Lake Sunstone Symposium is three weeks away, so it's time I started spreading the word. I'll just mention a few things:

1. The program is online in pdf format at www.sunstoneonline.com. Do check it out. Note that students with a valid ID can attend for free and first time attenders are $50 for the whole conference. (Make sure to look over the workshops - Linda King Newell teaching a writing biography workshop - not too shabby!)

2. One panel in particular I'll mention is session 233 - Internet Mormons vs. Chapel Mormons. Kristine Haglund Harris will join others on this panel that discusses if there is a disconnect between those Mormons who are familiar with online forums, and those who are not. For example, those familiar with Internet forums and websites will tend to accept a much smaller body of canon (ie, not everything said or written by Church leaders is doctrine) - do those unfamiliar with online forums agree?

3. Dallas Robbins, at his website here, outlines some criticisms of the symposium. I'd be curious to hear what others think of his criticisms and if they have suggestions for improvement. I've posted some followup questions on his site and would love ideas from all places.

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