Saturday, August 07, 2004

Are Mormon Men Repressed? 

by John H
In the wake of Jennifer's great post on the supposed repression of Mormon women, I thought I'd ask if Mormon men are repressed. As a Mormon man, I've certainly never been confronted the way Jennifer was and told that I'm repressed. On the surface, it looks like we've got it pretty sweet.

But deep down, are we not allowed to participate in the world of maleness? Let's look at some facts:

• Mormon men can't drink beer, arguably a strong part of American male identity
• Mormon men generally are discouraged from watching shoot 'em up, profanity laced movies, with all the scantily clad women you can shake a stick at.
• Some Mormon men might even be denied the sacred joy of watching football on Sunday
• With the emphasis put on families, Mormon men may not feel like they can spend evenings or weekends with "the guys"
• Mormon men may suffer an identity crisis - encouraged to weep during Sacrament meeting, yet discouraged from weeping during Steel Magnolias
• Perhaps the greatest tragedy of all, with the Church's emphasis on industry, hard work, providing for oneself and family, Mormon men may be denied that trait so beautifully embodied in Doug Heffernen, Homer Simpson, and others: Laziness

Of course, there's mostly sarcasm above, but I truly am interested in the differences between Mormon men and "wordly" (I hate that word!) men. I've actually heard one ex-Mormon argue that Mormon men are emasculated by the Church - just a teensy bit extreme in my opinion. But are there male rights of passage or other aspects of maleness that Mormon men are missing out on that they shouldn't?

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