Friday, March 12, 2004

So what's a liberal Mormon, anyways? 

by NA
I guess if we're going to be elitist and pride ourselves on being liberals, it might be helpful to set some parameters or definitions of some kind. Note that I won't impose any definitions, of course, because I'm not some kind of dictator.

I found The Political Compass to be a reasonably reliable indicator of political/social leanings; I have a feeling that Mormons are going to be a tighter grouping on the grid of politics than Times & Seasons would indicate. In other words, we're all pretty conservative - some of us just a little more so than others. Or perhaps the liberal/conservative distinction applies in terms of social politics but not in terms of economics? Anyways, I found the test to be interesting (I'll post my own results later), and thought it might be interesting to y'all.

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