Monday, March 15, 2004

Wonder Twin Powers 

by NA
I just noticed that Orson's Telescope is basically the same as our blog, except even more snarky and random, but less politically-minded. I have never seen anyone as like-minded as Jeremy, who runs the show over there. Congrats! Once we have trained them sufficiently we shall make our blogs do battle! Jeremy-- Howard Jones is mormon, right? I mean, he wrote Everlasting Love.

A side note: why can't anyone cool ever turn out to be mormon (Neil LaBute excepted)? I mean, we're overdue for a Gordon Jump replacement about now, aren't we? Even more interesting in my mind is how oft-recurring this topic is in the mormon blogosphere. Why the effort to point out mormon celebrities? Are we trying to have Shakespeares of our own, or is this an apologist's tool, showing that our church can't be all bad if we have all these celebrities. Heaven knows it's worked for the Scientologists.
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