Monday, April 12, 2004

Push My Buttons 

by NA
In a recent thread on T&S, Kaimi discussed the War on Pr0n. I immediately became very emotionally involved in the ideas, and found myself getting angry at people that disagreed with my rants. Our own Aaron Brown was surprised at my vitriol, and Wendy wisely realized that I could not be reasoned with. Soon I made a fool of myself, chasing after blog-trolls. What happened? Someone figured out how to push my buttons -- for strange, personal reasons, this topic gets me riled up beyond belief. It's very disconcerting, because I like to think that I'm detached and non-committal in most debates.

It's my theory that we all have our different hot button issues. In this church, you don't have to dig very deep to find someone's sore spot and press on it. Let me name a few old-time favorites: polygamy, male church hierarchy, "liberal mormons", and equating women with motherhood. What sore spot topics get your blood boiling? How do you keep a level head when someone brings them up? Please, disclose them all here for us to share!
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