Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Word of Wisdom Vindicated! Again! 

by NA
This article in the NY Times (registration required, etc., etc.) discusses the dangers of caffeine intoxication, once again permitting us to rub the world's collective nose into our healthy, healthy lifestyle. I've tried not to rely on external scientfic data as an apologetic for the WoW: for every anti-tobacco study there's some science in favor of drinking alcoholic beverages. What's more, it sets up a dangerous pattern of obeying God's commandments only when the outcomes are laid bare for us, which in my mind negates the role of faith.

How important are these studies, in your mind? Does it change the way you approach the WoW at all? Should we even think about using this kind of stuff as missionary tools? Will Mormons reduce their hot cocoa-swilling, chocolate-munching lifestyles accordingly?
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