Thursday, May 27, 2004

Poll: Cleaning up the Movies 

by Kaimi
Movie editing is all the rage these days, as various companies (operating in a nebulous world of copyright) create "clean" versions of movies for the demanding (and paying) LDS customer. (For one article on the subject, see here). And what a job description -- "the person who looks for sex and nudity in movies in order to filter it out later." I'll bet they don't have difficulty filling the position of the guy who looks for the sex. (Hey, I wonder if they're hiring?)

Of course, given the content of modern media, this may seem like a fruitless endeavor. Which brings us to the subject of today's poll. To wit, we need your votes to learn what the most sublimely ridiculous movie or TV show to try to edit would be. Below is a customized list of well-known, popular entertainment that we can mentally gut of all trace of sin.

Enjoy voting! Feel free to explain your vote in the comments. (But any sex, nudity, or violence in comments will be filtered out!).

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