Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Scariest Thing I Have Ever Read 

by NA
Many of you have already seen this article from the NY Times Magazine (registration required, etc., etc.) this weekend. Having spent the last few days in North Carolina, I hadn't read it until this morning. I was amazed at the casual promiscuity and lack of coherent social structure by the teenagers in the article. Am I just getting old, and this is typical curmudgeon behavior towards rabble-rousing youths? Or have things really changed since my day?

More to the point, what hope is there for Church youths in a modern world of sexuality? Can a "Strength of Youth" pamphlet have the impact it needs to protect teens? The Church's sexual education program is lackluster to say the least, passing the responsibility over to parents without giving them enough information on how to proceed. What can/should we be doing for our youth that we're not doing already?
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